Wednesday, December 26, 2012

250 post! Amazing turbobit leech!

We've just hit 250 post here!
Thank you everyone for reading!!
So.. I'm proud to post here great turbibit leech, turbobit premium link generator, or name it what you want.

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No ads. Even not adfly! <shame on me :D >

Sent from Ahmet Y. on our facebook page.
Thank you!!


  1. There is wrong. Correct Link is; Can you replace it ?(Your link is without .pro) :)

  2. For sure!
    Thanks for your support, and sorry for my mistake ;)

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  4. Hi. My name is Ahmet Yildirim. I said this site to you in facebook. But this site sometimes doesn't work. Because this site's system is old. But I have a new site;

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    Thanks for everything...